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Dedication to Development

Key Figures

  • 109 primary health care facilities revitalized
  • ₦540 billion+ recovered in anti-corruption drive
  • 100+ Federal Highways revitalized
  • $1.3 billion take-off grant, for MSMEs
  • 24 position increase in Ease of Doing business ranking
  • 15 online university teaching centers launched

Our Sponsors

Strive for progress with APC Next Level

Nigeria has the largest economy in all of Africa and is expected to become part of the top ten economies in the world by 2050. With our country’s rich abundance of oil and gas, we have become the continent’s biggest producer of these resources. 

In our own way, APC Next Level aims to help different regions so we can continuously grow as a nation. Learn more in detail about what we do and about the plans of APC Next Level by reading the information below.

Efforts for a better nation

APC Next Level’s main objective is to support the development of Nigeria. We want the country to continually try different methods for our progress. For our nation to prosper, APC Next Level does the following efforts:

  • Encourages you to vote

Every citizen should learn the significance of their vote. With a single vote, you could create a domino effect for change. We should not undermine our value and instead let our voices be heard without holding back. Uncover the important information on how to vote and the details about the election season here on APC Next Level’s website.

  • Gives the latest updates

Keep up with the current events happening in Nigeria with APC Next Level. We cover different stories and present the freshest information about the country such as political topics, the COVID situation and more.

  • Helps to facilitate the fight against COVID

The pandemic has taken a toll not only on Nigeria but also on different countries globally. However, APC Next Level is here to create relief efforts for our nation in order to help those from the underprivileged sector. Working hand in hand with our great sponsors, we aim to put an end to the distressing situation of the coronavirus in Nigeria.

Progress in numbers

To give you a better idea of the different plan of actions done by APC Next Level, see the following key figures:

  • 109 primary health care facilities were revitalized
  • ₦540 billion+ recovered in anti-corruption drive
  • 100+ Federal Highways created
  • $1.3 billion take-off grants for MSMEs (Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • 24 positions higher in the Ease of Doing business ranking
  • 15 online university teaching centres launched

Sponsors supporting APC Next Level

APC Next Level would not be what it is today without the help of our following sponsors:

  • Wire
  • Inner
  • Cross will
  • Job Line
  • Real Wave
  • Gabo
  • Pitch
  • Loud Nick 

APC Next Level: Tweet your thoughts

Let your voice be heard through a big social media platform like Twitter. Don’t hold back and tweet your thoughts and reactions for us to know the different issues that need to be addressed. APC Next Level also has a Twitter account where you can message us directly for any queries or concerns about Nigeria. Stay up to date with the most relevant news by visiting our Twitter and official website.