APC Next Level: 115 killed in Nigerian military crackdown

For the past four months, Nigeria has been suffering from killings across different regions. An estimated 115 people have already been killed in the southeastern states of Anambra, Abia and Imo. The proceedings are said to be performed in extrajudicial situations where suspects are either tortured or killed on the spot. 

The police force of the country along with the presidential spokespersons have been silent when the public or human rights organizations set forth accusations. This caused an outrage among the civilians, activists and other human rights organizations locally and internationally. 

The events are said to be caused by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) who are considered outlaws by the government. Officials then raid their homes and question the citizens, but no involvement in the case was uncovered. IPOB is just one of the many indigenous organizations that were pinpointed. 

According to a report by VOA News, IPOB was asked about their involvement. A representative reached out and denied claims that they were responsible for any illegal activity.  

Amnesty International, a London-based human rights organization has spoken out and discussed the severity of the situation in southeast Nigeria. A report was published and it described eyewitness accounts on ‘excessive use of force, physical abuse, secret detentions, extortion, and extrajudicial executions of suspects.’

Osai Ojigho, the country director for Amnesty International in Nigeria has spoken out about the events going on in the nation. ‘The evidence gathered by Amnesty International paints a damning picture of ruthless excessive force by Nigerian security forces in Imo, Anambra and Abia States,’ he said. 

Ojigho stated the plan of action that must be brought into effect as soon as possible. ‘What is needed is an impartial and open inquiry to determine what happened and bring to justice all those suspected of criminal responsibility.’  

Amnesty also reported that aside from the 115 deaths, there were more than 500 arrests and hundreds more are being tortured. After the inquiry, members of the government still refuse to make any comments as of now. 

There are many ethnic groups and tribes around Nigeria that are still fighting for independence. Some of the tribes in the southern regions of the country resist being arrested or transferred to certain locations. 

Back in June, Muhammadu Buhari, the President of Nigeria released a message to these people. He said that they would be facing a ‘rude shock’ and that officials will ‘treat them in the language that they understand’ if they still resist their efforts.  

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