Best NGOs in Nigeria you should know about

Best NGOs in Nigeria you should know about 

Nigeria is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. Located in West Africa, this country is near the borders of Chad and Cameroon, so you can expect different kinds of practices and beliefs in the communities. 

Aside from its remarkable landscape and cultural heritage, Nigeria also has one of the poorest people in the world. That’s why there are a lot of NGOs present in communities to attend to sectors that need help. 

Other than helping people, the NGOs in Nigeria also give their assistance to animals and natural sanctuaries for other creatures. If you’re curious to know more about these organizations, here are some of them: 

Ape Action Africa 

Ape Action Africa is an NGO that’s built to protect the ape species in Cameroon. In this organization, creatures such as monkeys, gorillas, chimpanzee and apes who are orphaned or kept in captivity are rescued and moved into a forest sanctuary where they can thrive and live with their kind. You can follow Ape Action Africa on their social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and Youtube. 

AWARE Trust Zimbabwe 

AWARE Trust Zimbabwe is a veterinary conservation organisation made up of veterinarians that provide assistance and interventions to creatures that are in rehab and undergoing treatment. Usually, these creatures are given vaccination, basic healthcare and checkups. You can follow their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube for more information. 

Conservation Through Poverty Alleviation International (CPALI)

CPALI is a well-known NGO that assists farmers who toil small farms in the forests of Madagascar. This organization is founded by the locals in the region. Mostly, the CPALI supports the production of wild silk farms and they also help in planting more trees in clear cut zones near the pasture lands.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust 

Elephants are one of the most hunted creatures in Africa. This animal is often persecuted by hunters for its tusks which are used for medicine, ornaments and more. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is one of the most successful NGOs to help address the alarming situation regarding elephant poaching. They rescue hunted elephants and put them in conservation areas where they can live normally again. More details about their service and work are available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. 

Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary 

The Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary was established in 2012 and is now one of the biggest sanctuaries for lions and tigers where they receive food shelter and rehabilitation. They recently received 33 lions that were rescued from circuses in Colombia and Peru. 

Green Belt Movement

Green Belt Movement is another NGO in Africa that aims to increase the number of trees built in the country. The GBM promotes environmental conservation to address the alarming case of global warming and deforestation. You can look more into their mission and vision when you visit their Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Youtube.