Where To Vote

APC Next Level: Voting in Nigeria

Election season is an important time for every country, especially here in Nigeria. It is our opportunity to choose the rightful person for the job of leading our country. Since presidential elections only happen every four years, it is important not to miss this chance. Every vote matters because a single one can spark a change in our society more than you think. Be a better citizen today by learning more about the voting process. See all the details below for more. 

Where to vote

For a more efficient way to vote, there are polling units established in different parts of the country. Choose the polling place closest to where you live. This is where both the registration and actual voting will happen. You can locate your polling unit by using a Polling Unit Locator Tool. To view information about your polling unit, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the website of APC Next Level
  2. Select your chosen state from the dropdown menu
  3. After clicking it, information will be displayed on the screen

How to become a responsible voter

Aside from knowing where to vote, it is important to be mindful of your surroundings and learn about the running candidates. Voting for a specific person is a huge duty that should be taken seriously because it can cause changes in our society. Here are some of the ways to become a more responsible voter:

  • Choose for the common good

Although our instincts can tell us something, you shouldn’t solely base your decisions on it especially when voting for a certain candidate. It is important that you properly weigh the pros and cons of the person you are planning to vote for. See their past accomplishments and observe if they are competent enough for the job. Being a leader of a country is a huge responsibility so it should be given to someone who deserves the position. Also, learn about their different plan of actions for the country if it is for the common good or not.

  •  Be informed through different sources

Social media is not the only place where you can be informed about current events. Reading credible articles from new sites is a great way to learn about running candidates. Be wary of the different opinions posted on social media accounts especially if it seems to only favour one side. It is important to be critical about the situation and see both sides of the picture without letting your judgment be biased by the people around you.

  • Watch debates and interviews

When election season is nearing, it helps to pay close attention to the different candidates. By watching debates or interviews, you can better understand how they portray themselves and if they are suitable for the job. Observing how they handle unexpected situations or difficult questions shows how competent they are for the position.